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Walking Holidays


We believe that the best way to discover and experience an area is on foot. We are providing you with the main ingredients but you are walking independently or with a local guide of the destination with in dept knowledge.

TravelZeg is an Indian based Walking holiday specialist with decades of experience in running trekking holidays as well as select Trekking Peaks and Cultural Tours. We don’t just offer the classic treks; our comprehensive range of trekking holidays and cultural tours take you around the world, from off the beaten track adventures along forgotten pathways to tours that visit vibrant Buddhist festivals and stunning cultural sights. Wherever you want to go, TravelZeg has the perfect adventure holiday for you.
Where there is beautiful scenery to be found or a great mountain to be climbed, you can be certain that Team TravelZeg has researched the best routes and put together the most exciting itineraries. Our trekking holidays cover all grades of difficultly, from gentle walks through beautiful foothills, to strenuous ascents of trekking peaks such as Kangyatse Peak and the Mentok Group of Peaks. Whatever your level of fitness and experience, we can offer the perfect walking holiday to suit your needs.

TravelZeg offer more than just trekking; we now offer dozens of cultural tours and family adventures around the world. This helps you to explore India, Nepal & Bhutan. We have put together the best routes, taking in religious festivals, ancient cities and historical monuments, giving you the unique opportunity to experience traditional ways of life first hand.

With TravelZeg, you can go on a Walking holiday in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Srilanka or sample one of a hundred other unique experiences. And, if none of our itineraries appeal, why not make up your own; we are experts in putting together the finest Tailor Made walking holidays for our clients.

We promise you a memorable trip..