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TravelZeg is unlike any other travel management company. We provide a unique blend of client benefit, ingenious technology, and tailored program development which compels outstanding value at every step of your trip through more substantial deliverance, improved efficiencies, and utmost safety. We acclimate as required to help our associates reach more destinations worldwide.

At Travelzeg, we flatter ourselves by going above and exceeding industry expectations and consistently positioning new standards.

If your company is looking for a travel managing solution that makes business travel more valuable, reliable, and delightful for every stakeholder, contact TravelZeg today.

At TravelZeg, we accompany businesses and institutions to design, coordinate, and manage incentive trips, congresses and conventions, corporate and sports events, and their meetings and conferences. 

Since we started almost a decade ago until now, we have operated international conferences in India, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives from Europe, USA, Canada, and China. 

As a travel agency specializing in MICE, at TravelZeg we design personalized solutions for whatever your business goal is, always meeting these identity principles: 

  • Experience and specialization in the provision of our services
  • Ingenuity and creation in the design of our incentive trips and corporate or sports affairs
  • Devotion to the accomplishment of the goals defined by you
  • Efficiency, effectiveness, and personalized, tailor-made service, available 365 days and 24 hours a day
  • Global coverage in more than 18 countries

To us, each project is a new possibility to innovate. We bear in mind trends for its evolution and the integration of new methods and processes to implement in agencies for the MICE sector. As a specialized MICE travel agency, this is how we design each project with all the creativity and inspiration of our team so that it is remarkable, extraordinary, and unforgettable.

Business Travel at TravelZeg

Business Travel at TravelZeg is customer-centric. We are focused majorly on- evolving and delivering seamless benefits to ensure ease of travel for all its customers. We have a robust inventory and buying power at negotiated rates, the use of which we pass on to all our clients.

Our strength in technology and seasoned and skilled travel experts work directly with our customers as advisors to set up the servicing model that best suits the customer for seamless service.

Our services are solution-oriented and propel us to upgrade our services regularly. Also, learning from servicing consumers helps us frequently enhance our offering and get the more creative technology in place.

Our Events

Why travel with us?

Personalized services

With TravelZeg, you have the possibility to:
Adjust the length of stay in each place
Pick exclusive activities and excursions
Stay in unique hotels of your choice
Keep control of your budget
In the end, you get an individual trip tailor-made for you.

24/7 support

All our trips are created by local experts who know their country best. This ensures hassle-free travels with hand-picked transfers, activities and hotels.

Also, our local tour operator will personally be in charge of your trip and make sure you feel safe during the entire journey. Available 24H/7, there will always be a solution to any problems.


At TravelZeg, quality comes before quantity. Making you feel safe is our top priority. Not only while traveling, but also with your money. To guarantee a secure payment processing, we work with top-quality providers and certifications.

We have meticulously chosen our local operators based on reliability & quality.


At TravelZeg, we make your life much easier by providing:

Smooth and interactive planning
Overview of all information in one place
All-in-one booking
Advice & support
Enjoy being inspired instead of spending countless hours on tedious planning!

Responsible Travel

Special Interest

The remarkable diversity of the subcontinent makes it an ideal destination for special interests. TravelZeg works very closely with universities, museums, galleries, alumni associations and other cultural organizations to create specialized itineraries. An exclusive panel of guest speakers, experienced tour managers, informative and engaging guides provide a vast and in-depth knowledge of our archaeology, architecture, art, culture, cuisine, design, crafts, festivals and wildlife.


Through travel we have the opportunity to see and experience our wonderful planet; but with this right also comes the responsibility to look after our world, care for the environment and all its inhabitants. At TravelZeg, we are always looking for new ways to help lessen our impact on the environment.

A holistic approach to sustainable tourism development

We recognise our vital role in creating meaningful change in the travel industry as a DMC. At TravelZeg, we believe that positive development requires a holistic approach that focuses on all three pillars of sustainability. This includes initiatives that target sustainable economic development, cultural preservation and social inclusiveness, as well as environmental protection in all our destinations.


To connect people and places with a world of possibilities – a purpose we hold true for not only our partners and travellers but also for local communities. To move towards a more socially inclusive industry, we seek to establish the means by which tourism development benefits disadvantaged communities and helps preserve local culture.


To achieve lasting positive change, sustainable economic development is necessary. At TravelZeg, we are deeply invested in our communities, creating community-driven tourism projects and supporting initiatives that directly contribute to the local economy.

Responsible Travel Working Group

To support our efforts and turn objectives into reality, TravelZeg has established a Responsible Travel Working Group. Comprised of passionate employees from all areas of the company, our ever-growing team is responsible for planning new as well as expanding existing tourism initiatives and holding each destination accountable for implementing these projects locally. Explore more about our initiatives here.