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Cycling Holidays


Explore India & Nepal on our cycling holiday and discover that no other country indulges as many senses simultaneously as India. The intense colours are unforgettable and grounded in the traditional pigments of the region. The smells of the spices which season so many dishes all over India hang in the air and infuse every breeze with a heady scent. The sounds of the busy streets and the cacophony of the markets are a constant reminder that you are in a country with a lively hunger for life. The heat of the summer sun warms the skin in a way that only heat which has soaked into every surface can imitate when it radiates.

The Indian Himalaya offers a great variety of different landscapes for the mountain biker: from the arid, barren landscape in Ladakh, to the lush green of Sikkim.

In Nepal the Kathmandu valley offers excellent opportunities for short mountain biking trips that are rewarded with splendid views. In the Annapurna region, one of the most beautiful places on earth, you can have an exhilarating tour with the snow-capped peaks just in front of you.

Whether you are a regular cyclist or not, we have a range of holidays to suit your dates and budgets. All our tours are fully guided and have been commended repeatedly for their high quality and sheer diversity of the regions we take you through. Needless to say that all our tours are available as bespoke tours for you and your family or friends.