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One stop travel website promoting photography workshop and travel, photo tour, nature photography, travel photography or whatever you could related to photography and helps amateur photographer or professional photographers keen to click the amazing scenic beauty, portraits, religious and spiritual events, fairs and festivals in India, Nepal & Bhutan. Not only that, we extend our support for Wildlife Photography and Special Interest Photography in India Nepal & Bhutan

From snow-scattered Himalayas to lush green southern India; from beautiful Arunachal Pradesh to the sand dunes of Rajasthan; we have the best locations, arrangement and most importantly. Knowledgeable photographers to help you to get the right shots at the right time & right place

Exploration of Nepal begins in the bustling, lively, crowded city of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. We’ll spend a couple of days shaking off the jet lag while visiting sacred Buddhist and Hindu sites and stocking up on last minute supplies. Then it is off to the Himalayas for 14 or 18 days of trekking from teahouse to teahouse. All overnight gear is carried on dzokyos (a cross between a yak and cow) and you are left with only a day pack to shoulder. We stop frequently and get up early to capture the best times to take advantage of the stunning Himalayan light. Mount Everest, Buddhist stupas and monasteries, deep valleys, and towering peaks. And the people who make this land so special. All of this is waiting in Nepal for those who wish to sense a bit of adventure in their photographic journeys.

Bhutan is the only country on the planet to measure Gross National Happiness and our tour in the country will be a mix of culture and scenery. A home stay will be made available to help immerse in the real life inside of Bhutan, not just what the tourist circuit has to offer. Rich in Buddhist culture, we will visit holy sites and pristine national lands. Each day will start early to take advantage of the golden light at sunrise and each day will end soon after the setting sun. Our team members of professional photographers and tour leaders who help you and guide you to the most amazing spot making it possible for you to compose & take much better images than that you used to. Not only that we arrange the discussion group or workshops every evening when we are shooting at different location. These discussion groups and workshops are lead by professional photographers specialized on particular subject and will help you with better composition.

Apart from our fixed departure pre decided tour plan, we also undertake customize photography tour as per your interest and requirement.