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Adventure Tour



Adventure gives the great feeling that comes from reaching beyond your comfort zone to achieve something, you had never imagined, you could do. The challenge ahead brings out the best in a person and when attempted in a group, precipitates individual character, the qualities of leadership, teamwork, motivation, group dynamics and self-confidence.

Trekking is a unique activity that cuts across a holiday, a love of nature, a sense of adventure, categories of gender, age and fitness. You could walk above the snowline across glaciers and snowbound passes, through cold deserts, across alpine pastures, over plateaus and deltas, even miles of forests and beach. As a group activity, it has no equal. Enjoying the bounty of nature together bonds you and a feeling of camaraderie suffuses the most hardened city dwellers. Trekking can be done over a period of days combined with camping, and the kickbacks are like tonic – physical, mental and spiritual. Having trekked and camped all over the country, our favorites are Ladakh, Uttaranchal and the Konkan coast.

TravelZeg offers holidays to Ladakh, Sikkim, Uttrakhand, Nepal, Arunachal & Bhutan including trekking, tours and Tailor Made options. On our adventure tours, you will walk through spectacular mountain ranges that have remained relatively unexplored by outsiders, trek to isolated Buddhist monasteries, or even conquer the peak of Stok Kangri, one of the highest peaks in Ladakh. Our trekking tours take in the amazing sights.