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Fixed Departure


Some of the Fixed Departures are exclusively designed coinciding with important festivals dates. It gives an opportunity to witness a colourful festivalwhich given an opportunity to witness marvels and traditions the festival is known for.
The others are some amazing and popular destinations you want to visit by joining a group

Fixed Departure Group Itinerary Bookings

Note: Please refer our website for all prices. The price per person for the itinerary is based on the minimum number of participants mentioned in the offer of the itinerary (generally 3 participants). If less than the minimum numbers of participants register for the itinerary, Team TravelZeg may need to change some components or logistics of the itinerary in order to guarantee the departure specified in our offer. In the event of this occurring, Team TravelZeg may need to charge an additional “small groups” charge. You will be notified of this charge at least 21 days prior to the departure of the itinerary. This charge will be refunded if the minimum number of participants is achieved for the itinerary.

After the confirmation of the booking, the price of the itinerary can be changed if the price of flights, transport, hotels or activities exceeds the price that was budgeted for in our quoted price for the itinerary. This supplement will be advised to you in the final invoice that will be e-mailed to you at least one week prior to departure.