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Eco Holidays


An interruption out of complexity and salinity of stereotyped daily life will always be a welcome move. Ecological Tourism, one of the best forms of tourism, aims to let people have insight of local culture and gain personal growth. Comprising all the Eco activities like Wildlife Viewing, Trekking, Rafting, Bird Watching, Angling, Camping, Sea beaches navigation, and many others, the Eco Tour is the most favorable way to enjoy holidays. India, Nepal and Bhutan fortunately, with its affluent cultural, historical and natural diversity and values enables vacationer from all over to enjoy the Eco vacation in its best way.

Tanirika’s eco holidays are created by experts in the arena of eco-tourism offering you non-commercial and un-crowded destinations which have a quality of uniqueness about them. On your eco-holiday you can enjoy new experiences, cultures and crafts, authentic local cuisine and the satisfaction of having contributed to preserving the wilderness. Every holiday you choose involves complete interaction with local villagers, enabling them to better their livelihoods and preserve their culture and knowledge.